Car Recovery

Car Recovery for any emergency and needs

Are you a driver going on road to reach your destination. There are certain reasons we call a car recovery team to help us on road. We are alone for help in the emergency. Thus there is one helping solutions a person has is to find a car recovery team to help.

Ultimate Car recovery team from MAS

Abu dhabi is the largest city or estate of UAE. Therefore should be ready for any situation occur. There situation are like emergency. Accident, tire burst, fuel shortage, breakdown and so on. Thus in need of such emergency we will be helpless if someone comes and take us our destination safely. There are 1000’s of companies working in Abu dhabi to support road users in emergency breakdown and reasons mentioned above.

However I am not the one to define you about others. Lets take is serious to define MAS as ULTIMATE car recovery team for you. We always guarantee our customers that we are reaching to them in 30 mins or less anywhere in AUH region. The reason is because have multiple fleets who are busy 24/7 serving customers on road. These customers are may struck due to breakdown, Road accidents etc.

Car Recovery

Best fleets with all options with MAS team

MAS occupies a large number of fleets with all types of options. As you know in UAE many of us have sports cars. Sports cars are like flatbed hight. Therefore in a situation when need a recovery truck. You will only choose those companies who carry a flatbed tow truck. Moreover we carry all equipment like, heavy wire, a servo motor, covered trucks for expensive and luxury cars delivery.

In the Reason to hire MAS

There are several reasons you will certainly like MAS. We discover new ways to support and enrich our team with customer service skills. These things a customer surely needs in an emergency. MAS a multi lingual team of truck drivers who are awaken time by time to support you 24/7 on Abu dhabi roads.

Mas Car recovery Abu Dhabi

Mas car recovery is the leading Car recovery service provider. We intend to do hard work 24/7. The city of Abu dhabi is large as compare to other cities of UAE. Thus we all know it has many residents. However the main purpose of our service is to lead the services of users who are struck in emergency.

The emergency situation can happen to any one on the road. Roads of Abu dhabi are very large and have number of car users on it. In the situation your emergency Mas Car is always ready to come and rescue your vehicle when you are in need.

What help does Mas Car recovery provide

Flat Tire

There are many situations in which you can face a hard time. Like others you are on road and suppose you face a tire burst. There is help anyone can give because of equipment. In such situation you would be searching the internet to find someone who can help you. We would give you the best local car recovery services in just 30 mins any where in Abu dhabi. The team of MAS is committed to do hard work for you at any time even 5 O’clock is not a matter. Trucks are ready and we find our customers through our Ads.

Car Recovery

Jump Start

For a minute if you find your car is not taking self start. You should check the battery first. The batteries may dead because of heavy use during the car is switched off. Though you would need our help jump start battery for you at your location.

Car Recovery

Road Assistance

Road assistance is not a word only. We can not imagine if we face our car engine failure. Any part failure during drive. This is the worst situation in which you can stuck any time on road. Therefore Mas Car recovery offers road assistance to tow your vehicle drop to the nearest Car repair center. This is not the end. We also provide every customer facility of roadside car repair. Means you would not need to worry if you have low budget to pay at car repair center.

Car Recovery

Fuel Delivery

You vehicle drives on fuel. So the fuel is very import. Let us imaging for a moment that you forget to see the fuel meter. On road if you face fuel empty tank. You would be worry about how to reach to your destination. We deliver fuel to you on road for your assistance.

Car Recovery

Flatbed Tow Truck

There are several reason we need to hire a tow truck with flatbed facility. Just like you many of us are having sports car. There sports car are flat height. The trucks we have are flatbed and can do your flatbed recovery services in AUH region.

Car Recovery

Mechanic for breakdown help

MAS car recovery team offers you best mechanics in the need of car breakdown help. In Abu dhabi specially in summer many car users on road faces car breakdown issues. Therefore hire the best mechanics who are also available with our truck drivers in need of your car breakdown recovery. Get instant repairs on road from MAS mechanic team.